Most venues have a limited equipment purchase budget, so it makes sense that you would want to get the most out of your rigging system. At SSE we will work with the client to design an appropriate rigging maintenance plan based on frequency of use and types of installation so that you can get the most out of your venue.

The types of equipment we service are:

  • Counter weight Flying systems
  • Motorised flying systems
  • Winched systems
  • Chain Motors
  • Chain Blocks
  • Curtain Track Motors And Tracking systems
  • Fire Curtains
  • Orchestra Pit Lifts (not all Models)


All servicing is conducted in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. All maintenance conducted by SSE is kept in a Service Log for your Venue which is then available for you to access.

Specialised Stage Engineering generally recommends annual maintenance of all rigging equipment. Maintenance services are conducted by trained Specialised Stage Engineering personnel.

All services can be conducted onsite except the following:

  • Gear box repair (returned to manufacture)
  • Chain Motor inspection/repair (Our facilities)


WHS requirements call not only for regular inspection and maintenance of all motorised systems but also documentation of all services rendered on that equipment.

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