Specialised Stage Engineering (SSE) is a new company but with an old tradition. Although a relatively new company, SSE through its acquisition of Ray’s Theatrical Services has brought a new dynamic to a valued resource. Ray’s Theatrical Services always endeavoured to work with clients to restore, maintain, plan or improve their venue’s rigging systems. Specialised Stage Engineering wishes to continue this tradition by providing clients with reliable and user friendly services designed to assist with managing the legislative nightmare that is theatrical rigging. In doing this SSE will ensure that our clients have an easy to use rigging system.

SSE has broken the services down into the following areas:

  • Annual Inspections;
  • Maintenance Services;
  • Rigging System Audits & Consultation;
  • Training;
  • Custom Procedures and Owner’s Manuals.

Here’s how it works:

Follow the link and complete the contract application. The application will ask you the types of services you wish to have included, what dates suit you best, and the sort of rigging systems you wish to work on. To help you select the services you require we have provided more information regarding the services that we offer. Once you have selected the services required just send the completed application to SSE and we will respond with a contract and a price estimate. If it meets your needs please sign it, send it back and we will contact you to confirm arrangements.

As an independent contractor servicing your venue, SSE will supply a full record of services provided via appropriate documentation: Maintenance report, Assets Management Plan, Purchasing Master Plan and/or Records of Training are provided with the corresponding service.


Q: Once I have signed a contract can I change dates?
We recognise the need for flexibility and wherever possible SSE will always try to work with the client to make it happen. Despite our best endeavours and depending on the time of year, number of bookings and how close to your booking you need to change dates SSE reserves the right to vary its fees.

Q: Who sees the report?
A: We send the report to the person that has requested the inspection.

Q: Can we work onstage while you do an inspection?
An inspection is best conducted when the stage is clear of all scenery and props and the stage area is quiet. SSE is able to conduct inspections at night.

Q: What do we need to do to prepare for an inspection?
Clear the space as much as is practicable but please do not clean up the space as dirt, metal shavings, etc. tell a part of the story.

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